A Tribute to ORORO Teachers on their Special Day

Happy Teachers day

Teachers rock!  That’s why we’re celebrating this special day by paying tribute to our community of ORORO teachers.

Today, Laura DeMars and Randi Stanley share their stories with us. They're both great at overcoming challenges and have truly warm hearts.  Meet them, learn how they’re contributing to the community, and how their ORORO heated vests have changed their lives. 

Why does a teacher need a heated vest?

Someone asked me once: “Why would teachers need heated apparel if they’re always inside a warm classroom?” The truth is they are constantly challenged with cold temperatures: they spend time outdoors while waiting to welcome their students, while standing in the chilly halls during break-time, or while they're alone in the classroom (or they’re simply always cold like some of us). 

“I love my vest. I wear it a lot at school (normally & doing deliveries).” 
Laura DeMars, Teaching from Beyond the Desk


How Laura encourages her students and supports the community

This is Laura, a 4th grade teacher who is passionate about getting her students excited for math. They love her and her class! Besides teaching, she has also been delivering meals to her community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Laura DeMars

“My name is Laura DeMars & I am a 4th grade teacher in rural Northern California. Have been teaching for six years, and have a passion for student-driven instruction. While I teach all subjects in my classroom, my heart lies with getting students excited during math instruction. I do this by integrating hands-on & real-world content that blends math into reading, writing, science, and history content. 

I teach in a very small & rural district. One of the challenges that I face every year is being responsible for being outside the classroom during all kinds of weather. We are responsible for serving as yard duties, on our rather large campus, during the entire school year. I often struggle with staying warm & this can make being outside miserable sometimes. Especially when you are outside in frigid temperatures & in the snow, & are then expected to come into a classroom with marginal heat control & teach with full energy. 

ORORO Heated Vest

This has regularly been a complaint of mine & over my years of teaching, I have found a variety of ways to combat feeling cold, inside & outside the classroom. When I received my ORORO heated vest as a birthday present this Winter, I was elated. My husband knew of  my struggles all too well—and it had only gotten worse with classes being held without electricity & my morning yard duties when snow was standing on the ground. 

The first week that I wore my vest to school, I was instantly the talk of our K-8th grade school. Many kids were enamored with my “light-up vest” and then were equally surprised to find out that it heated up. They were constantly trying to convince me to let them borrow my vest while I was out on yard duty.

Not only has my vest been a life-saver during the frigid temperatures, I have worn it many times during professional development conferences. I’m always the teacher that brings several layers—no matter the outside weather or season—and  now, my vest is a staple for all conferences.

 Laura DeMars

Also, through all the challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been able to stay warm when delivering meals to families. This has been something that has allowed me to stay positive when volunteering my time to help get meals & resources to our community. We have had ever-changing weather through this (including rain & spring snow) & my vest has been helpful through this."

How Randi Stays Charged Up for the Day

Meet Randi, a dedicated Business & Technology Teacher who is always encouraging her students to stay strong. She charges up every day to give them her best.  

Randi Stanley

“My name is Randi Stanley and I have taught Business and Information Technology since 1997 in the cold state of Wisconsin. Recently, for the past five years I have been teaching Technology Integration to 6th grade students at a local public middle school. 

Randi's Classroom

My classroom consists of 35 desktop computers and when all of the computers are in use during my five class periods my room can be rather warm, however, during my planning & duty periods my room can be chilly. When I start to get goosebumps I reach for my ORORO heated vest

ORORO heated vest

If a student sees me in the halls they always ask why am I glowing, and I always respond that the light on my vest indicates that I am charged for the day.

Teaching today during this pandemic has certainly changed the way that daily instruction has been delivered. I now teach remotely and each student is now learning on an iPad instead of a desktop, however students are continuing to learn, just in a different format and environment. 

I like to think that school hasn’t closed for the year, only our physical school buildings have. I always encourage our students to stay strong, remain safe and healthy.”

“My 6th grade students are always asking why there is a light on my vest. I always say that is how I stay charged for the day.” 
Randi Stanley


Although it’s been tough these days, they're are doing an amazing job. When it’s time to go to the virtual classroom they wear their biggest smile and receive their students with the best attitude and loving energy. 

If you're a teacher too, we wish you an amazing day. Thanks for every single thing you do.

Happy Teacher's Day!


What other teachers are saying about ORORO

“I have had my ORORO for two years and I LOVE it! Keeps me warm as I greet my students coming to school each morning when it’s cold outside!” Kelly S.

“I am an elementary teacher who stands outside for an hour every school day supervising lunch recess. Chicago winters are brutal, but the heated vest has made it a pleasure to be outside for a mid-day break. Many of my colleagues have inquired about my ‘vest with a light on it’ and are planning to order one for themselves. I love it!” Michael O.

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