Why Carbon Fiber is Used in ORORO Heated Jackets

Carbon fiber is used in the heating elements of every piece of ORORO heated apparel, providing comfortable warmth without excess bulkiness. However, many of you might not know much about the technology behind it. We’d like to walk you through the ins and outs of carbon fiber and heating elements in this article.

carbon fiber

What is Carbon Fiber 

Literally speaking, carbon fiber is a fiber made of carbon atoms, which takes up 90% or more of the elements in carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is produced from organic fibers such as polyacrylonitrile (PAN) or synthetic resin fibers, with the carbonization process at high temperature under an inert gas condition to separate elements other than carbon. 

You may have already heard about the usage of carbon fibers in various products, from space shuttles to sporting goods to artificial limbs. Carbon fiber is getting widely adopted as a reliable material versus metals because it’s more lightweight and incredibly durable. 

Why Use Carbon Fiber in Heating Elements 


Carbon fiber is almost 2 times lighter than aluminum and more than five times lighter than steel. This means in a piece with the same dimensions, using carbon fiber would largely reduce its weight rather than aluminium or steel. During the manufacturing process, carbon fiber is made so very soft and thin that you can barely feel it in your heated jacket.

lightweight heated jacket

Thermal Conductivity

Carbon fiber has an excellent performance in electrothermal conversion efficiency among all other non-metallic materials, enabling it to produce the heat efficiently. With a 5200 mAh rechargeable battery, the heating elements are tested to produce heat for up to 10 hours on low, 6 hours on medium, and 3 hours on high. 

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Excellent Tensile Strength

The shape of carbon fiber doesn’t deteriorate over time. Its shape and structure don’t change even when a consistent and constant force is applied to it. Every ORORO heated product is machine-washable. Tensile strength makes sure the carbon fiber won’t fall apart in the washer. With exceptional durability, your heated clothing won't easily be worn out under constant use. 

Corrosion & Chemical Resistant

Carbon fiber is chemically stable and not susceptible to corrosion or rust. It is a highly reliable material whose characteristics are stable over a long period of time, even under severe conditions. Thanks to the stable quality, we are proud to guarantee the heating elements of every heated apparel with a 3-year warranty.

ororo heated parka

Low Thermal Expansion

Compared to a lot of other materials, carbon fiber has a negative coefficient of thermal expansion, which means they don’t easily expand or shrink when the temperature changes. This is a desirable quality for heating elements that have to generate and maintain the heat in a wide range of temperatures.

ororo heated 3 in 1 gloves

ORORO insists on using the highest quality of carbon fiber in the heating elements of every product. We know how vital it is to have superior heating elements on a functional heated jacket, which is why we always choose the best to make our apparel. 

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