Things to Do in Australia This Winter

snowing in Australia heated apparel

Winter is almost Australia! Winter throughout the region is sunny but cool during the night and frigid at night, there can be snow and freezing temperatures to look out for too, depending on the area you’re in. What better way to kick off the season by compiling all the fun things we can do and wear while exploring all the fun things to do in June, July and August!

Watch the majesty of whales

whales in australia

There are so many whales along the Australian coast that whale watching is one of the most popular things for tourists and locals alike to do. Layer up with a heated vest or heated hoodie under your light jacket to keep you warm while you watch the thirty species of whales in all their glory. You might learn something too!

Explore wine country

fleece heated jacket

Who doesn’t love a delicious glass of wine? Especially curled up in front of a fire with a loved one? Australia has some amazing wine regions everyone should get the opportunity to visit from Yarra Valley in Victoria to Barossa Valley and Coonawarra in South Australia to Margaret River in Western Australia. Explore the wineries in your heated jacket (classic or fleece). 

Skiing, snowboarding and snowy fun

snowboarding winter sports heated mittens

We can’t have a blog like this without mentioning winter sports! Pack your Padded Jacket and head to Mount Buller or Mount Stirling for massive fields of snow, clear skies and clean, fresh mountain air. 

Stop and stargaze for awhile

stargazing australia

Travelers love Australia’s vast outback and the ability to see the stars from anywhere along the coasts. The outback is lined with world-class telescopes, teleporting tourists the stars above us. Folks can choose the more classic route by checking out places like the Sydney Observatory or Siding Spring Observatory, which a warm heated vest layered under your coat. Another great option is stargazing under the open night sky in nature. Hit one of the many trails in a heated parka to keep your warm and toasty while you explore the constellations.

Take a walk

hiking running in the snow

Speaking of trails, if you truly want to experience winter in Australia in the summer, head to Tasmania! The trails, trees, and lake are dusted in snow; the perfect weather for a pair of heated mittens or heated gloves. We hear the views from Cradle Mountain are only rivaled by the breathtakingly chilly Crater Lake. Make sure you bring water and stay warm!

Find fun indoors

heated socks fireplace

While traveling and exploring can be a blast, we also have to be cognizant of social distancing during this time. One great idea is simply to...stay inside your cabin or resort or hotel or home you’re residing in during your visit. Get comfy in your heated socks (some places can get chilly at night!). Board games, digital games, video chats, hot cocoa or hot toddies by the fireplace, snowman building, dance parties, etc all can happen in the comfort of your own space. 

Enjoy the Great Outback of Australia responsibly!

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