The Photography Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed

heated hoodie for winter

Photographers know that it all begins with a camera...and then come the accessories. And there are a lot of them! 

One of the more unexpected accessories is heated apparel. Outdoor photographers know the challenge of shooting outdoors: finding the right light, defying the cold, etc. 

Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what Columbus, Ohio-based photographer Kevin James has to say about heated apparel and shooting outdoors. 


If given the choice, I prefer to shoot outdoors versus in the studio. That being said, I shoot in just about every climate. When it’s cold outside, heavy coats make it difficult for me to move freely and fluidly. 

I’m beyond happy to have been asked to try out ORORO Heated Appeal, mostly because I am both warm and comfortable when I am moving between shots. I was just recently on a shoot and I wore the black heated fleece hoodie. 

I loved the freedom it gave me to move between shots quickly and unencumbered, while keeping me very warm. I’ve also received compliments and I’m quick to add, “It has pockets.” 

heated apparel for photographers

One of my good friends does a lot of woodworking in her shop. She has worn the grey heated fleece jacket while working with her table saw, affectionately named Paul Bunyan. She has said many times how incredibly warm the jacket is, both with and without the heating element. 

She continues to wear it as the temperatures fall with the winter months upon us. These jackets are simply the best thing to happen to photographers and hobbyists.

— Kevin James


So, outdoor photographers, do you have this unexpected accessory? Interested in learning more? We’re here to help! Read more of our blogs and check out our gear. Happy shooting!

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