The Perfect Heated Clothing for Different Types of Cold Weather (Part 2)

Dressing Like a Pro in Milder Winter Climates… or Layering in Colder Temperatures!

Let’s talk about heated apparel for milder temperatures between 20˚F to 50˚F or apparel you can layer when the cold weather dips even farther.  Either way, what you need is some heat to keep you warm, but not too warm! So, let’s get you matched up with the perfect heated apparel for your winter needs.

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So, let’s get started. ORORO Heated Apparel has an awesome selection of heated jackets, vests, and hoodies. Consider these products for milder climates or for layering when it’s colder:

All jackets, vests, and hoodies listed below feature a power button that has three heat settings providing up to 10 hours of on-demand warmth. ORORO heated clothing battery also has a convenient USB port for charging smartphones and other USB-powered devices. All garments mentioned here are machine washable. 

Your ORORO Heated Apparel Options

If you’re working outside, walking, or tailgating, heated apparel can make being outdoors so much more enjoyable. Check out these ORORO versatile favorites and find the one that is perfect for you! We’ve got great choices for both men and women.

Unisex Heated Pullover Fleece Hoodie with Core Heating

Unisex Heated Pullover Fleece Hoodie with Core Heating

If you’re a lover of the casual warmth and comfort of a fleece hoodie, this might be just for you. The power button is hidden in the pocket pouch giving you a low-profile look. This hoodie layers nicely with other outerwear when the temperatures drop and offers you:

  • Three carbon fiber heating elements for heat across core body areas (upper back and left and right sides of hand pocket)
  • Comfort and heat retention from fleece-lining
  • Rib knit cuffs trap heat to keep your arms warmer
  • Adjustable drawstring hood for head warmth
  • Lightweight insulation for you to wear with unrestricted movement

Many of our customers find that this hoodie is their “go-to” piece when colder temperatures hit!

“I purchased this hoodie because I’m currently working outside in cold weather. It has been a life saver… It’s warm enough without turning the heaters on for me to withstand 50˚F, below that I hit the power button.  It was 30˚F when I left work one morning and I was nice and toasty,” says one reviewer on our site.

Unisex Heated Windbreaker Pullover Hoodie (该产品未在AU站点找到)

Unisex Heated Windbreaker Pullover Hoodie

This windbreaker is perfect for those mild, cold days, especially when you are active outdoors like jogging, shoveling or walking your dog. This jacket is quilted and yet, so lightweight, that you’ll also love to layer this piece when the colder temperatures hit. This windbreaker features:

  • Lightweight options, weighing only 15 ounces so it’s easy to pack or throw in a bag
  • Three carbon fiber heating elements for heat across core body areas (upper back and left and right chest)
  • Quilted insulation for stability
  • Sports/utility construction with 2 hand pockets and 1 pouch pocket and stretchable thumbhole cuffs which act as fingerless gloves
  • Easy glide YKK zippers plus one half-zip design for easy on/easy off
Unisex Heated Windbreaker Pullover Hoodie

Looking for a lightweight, nylon winter option? This Unisex Heated Windbreaker Pullover Hoodie is just for you!

“I used it today playing golf in 38˚F temperature and 10-12 MPH wind. It worked great. Was very comfortable and turned the temperature up or down as needed,” says a reviewer on our site.

Classic Heated Vest (Men’s and Women’s)

Men Classic Heated Vest

In milder weather, pair this heated vest with an unheated sweatshirt or long sleeve tee. When temperatures plummet, this heated vest is perfect for layering underneath a jacket. The Classic Heated Vest offers you:

  • FELLEX® insulation, a BlueSign® certified eco-friendly sustainable material for even better insulation
  • Lightweight for you to wear in many ways with unrestricted movement
  • Upper back and left and right pocket heating elements, plus a heated collar for a warm neck
  • Dual pocket heating zones keep your hands warm
  • Wind- and water-resistance

These ORORO classic heated vests have heated collars too. We bet the warmth from it will be a game-changer for you!

“Awesome vest! Also, my first vest, keeps me nice and warm during these windy and cold winters. Love how the pockets are heated as well. 100% satisfied!” says a reviewer on our site.

Classic Heated Jacket (Men’s and Women’s)

men heated jacket

This jacket works beautifully with no heat on in milder temperatures. However, when the frigid cold hits, you’ll love this jacket with the heat turned on for unmatched warmth. Whether hiking, camping, or motorbike riding, you’ll stay warm and dry. This popular piece features:

  • Three carbon fiber heating elements on the left and right chest and upper back
  • Durable softshell fabric exterior
  • Soft interior lining
  • Wind- and water-resistance
  • A detachable hood

This ORORO favorite is available in several color options so you might have to choose more than one!

“I tend to be cold when others aren’t, so not only do I use it outside, but it’s become my secret weapon in cold conference rooms, at the movie theater, the grocery store, and other places where it’s too cold for me,” said an Amazon reviewer “Putting it on low in those situations has kept me toasty.”

Staying warm in the winter makes all the difference in the world when you’re outdoors. ORORO Heated Apparel has you covered in milder temperatures with stand-alone pieces, as well as layering options for colder climates.

Live in the brutal cold and want a stand-alone jacket or parka? Check out The Perfect Heated Jacket for Different Types of Cold Weather (Part 1) (该blog未在站点上发布)to learn more about other ORORO products!

We’d love to see how you’re dressing like a pro this winter with ORORO. Share and tag @ororo.wear on Instagram for a chance to be featured by us!

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