Inspiring Tales Behind ORORO's Recycled Heated Jacket (Part 1)

Welcome to a celebration of creativity and coziness at ORORO Heated Apparel. Through our latest campaign in February 2024, we invited our dynamic  community to share their creative insights and personal experiences with our Women's Recycled Heated Jackets. The feedback was nothing short of remarkable, showcasing the deep link between our dedication to sustainability and the everyday experiences of our valued customers.

A Commitment to Warmth and the Planet

At ORORO, we’re about more than just warmth; we’re about sustainable warmth. Our women's recycled heated jackets, made from REPREVE® recycled fleece from plastic bottles, showcase our commitment to the environment. This approach not only provides cozy warmth but also helps reduce carbon emissions, demonstrating our dedication to a greener future in every jacket we create.


The Trailblazers of Warmth

After sifting through numerous heartfelt submissions, six incredible stories rose to the top. Each one brings to life the impact of our heated apparel and resonates with our dedication to innovation, community, and sustainability. Let's get to know these inspiring winners.

The Voice of Warmth

Angie L., Meridian, Idaho

Angie, residing in the scenic Boise area of Meridian, Idaho, cherishes the region's diverse landscape, from sun-kissed mountains to snowy trails. With a passion for voice-overs, Angie brings stories to life, whether behind the mic in a studio or singing karaoke. An outdoor enthusiast at heart, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, and exploring Idaho's natural beauty alongside her two young boys and her boyfriend, an avid boulderer.

Introduced to ORORO by her boyfriend, Angie quickly realized the unmatched warmth the heated jackets provided, transforming her chilly winter experiences. Unlike the down jackets she was accustomed to, ORORO's heated apparel kept her toasty, revolutionizing her outdoor adventures.

Angie's creative vision involves using her unique voice talent to share ORORO's story. Imagining a campaign that features various voices recounting their ORORO experiences, she believes in highlighting the stylish, functional, and affordable aspects of the brand. Describing her voice as "luscious and likable meets quiet, yet playful confidence," Angie sees a perfect parallel with ORORO's brand essence. Her proposed content aims to weave these individual narratives into a collective tapestry, celebrating the moments and stories created with ORORO's warmth.

The Dynamic Outdoorswoman

Amelia, Richmondville, NY

Amelia, hailing from the scenic landscapes of Upstate New York in Richmondville, juggles her time between a bustling career in communications and marketing, and her profound passion for the great outdoors. Whether she's in the saddle horseback riding, performing farm chores, hitting the slopes, or crafting watercolor portraits, Amelia embodies a spirit of adventure and creativity.

Her discovery of ORORO's heated apparel was driven by a quest to find a solution that would enable her to continue her outdoor activities throughout the harsh winters of Upstate New York. The immediate impact of the heated vest and jacket was transformative, allowing her to engage with her passions—horse riding, snowmobiling, and more—without being hindered by the cold.

Amelia envisions showcasing the jacket's versatility through engaging social media content, demonstrating its utility in various scenarios from work to outdoor adventures. She suggests a blend of practicality and style, especially for her equestrian activities, highlighting how ORORO seamlessly fits into any aspect of an active, outdoor-oriented life.

The Sierra Seasoned Pro

Sandra G., Truckee, CA

Sandra, residing in the picturesque High Sierra near Truckee, California, lives a life enveloped in the great outdoors. As a retiree, she dedicates her time to skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, and embracing the natural beauty of her surroundings. Her discovery of ORORO's heated apparel through a friend has revolutionized her outdoor experiences, allowing her to adapt seamlessly to the region's dramatic temperature shifts without the hassle of layering.

Working as a ski resort host, Sandra finds her heated jacket indispensable, especially during the colder parts of the day. She proposes a creative idea to demonstrate the jacket's versatility and ease of use in varying weather conditions, showcasing the transition from sunshine to snow with the simple push of a button. This concept aims to highlight the jacket's ability to replace multiple layers with its adjustable heating settings, offering practicality and style in the dynamic Sierra climate.

The Wilderness Adventurer

Lonnie S., Moultonborough, NH

Lonnie, from Moultonborough, NH, lives amidst the beauty and challenges of the White Mountains and Lake Winnipesaukee. Her life is a testament to the motto "Live Free or Die," filled with kayaking, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors. The transition from peaceful summer activities to the thrill of winter sports and community engagement highlights the vibrant life New Hampshire offers.

Facing the cold head-on, Lonnie discovered ORORO's heated clothing, which became essential for her and her daughter in Colorado. Initially frustrated with battery issues, she learned the proper care for lithium batteries, enhancing the warmth and comfort the gear provided. Lonnie's ORORO apparel now serves not just as a shield against the cold but as a constant companion for her myriad activities, from Civil Air Patrol missions to quiet evenings at home.

Lonnie dreams of an ORORO fleece that's lightweight, compact, and equipped with a solar charger, ideal for the adventurers who brave New Hampshire's forests and mountains. Her story reflects a life enriched by nature, community, and the warmth that keeps her exploring.

The Sideline Supporter

Jason D., Michigan

Digital Marketing Manager and avid supporter of his children's sports, Jason from Michigan, has mastered the art of staying active and involved, regardless of the unpredictable local weather. His family's passion for the outdoors spans from camping adventures to watersports, always cherishing moments together in nature.

Discovering ORORO's heated apparel was a game-changer for the Daileys, courtesy of a fellow sports parent. The immediate warmth and comfort it provided convinced Jason to get one for his wife, Kelly, who often felt cold during outdoor sports events.

Jason envisions a marketing campaign that captures the essence of parental support at sports events in all conditions, highlighting the difference ORORO heated clothing makes. He pictures parents, cozy and attentive in their ORORO gear, fully enjoying their children’s sports, unlike others distracted by the cold. This idea not only emphasizes the product's ability to enhance outdoor experiences but also ORORO's commitment to keeping families warm and connected.


These stories, each unique yet united by the threads of warmth, sustainability, and innovation, mark just the beginning of our journey. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we'll unveil more inspiring tales from our creative campaign.

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