A Heated Vest is a Hole in One

heated vests for golfing

While summer rounds of golf can be amazing, there’s nothing quite like the crisp morning air of fall or winter on a golf course. Ducks are paddling around the water hazards, heavy clouds float lazily across the sky, the smell of fresh cut grass fills your nose as you breathe out foggy breath. It’s a perfect calm, a perfect day regardless of the chill, and we want to make sure you don’t miss a second of it.

The ORORO family does more than ski and snowboard; many of them go golfing as well. True golfers will enjoy a round regardless of the weather conditions, and ORORO helps make that possible with our heated vests. Shawn P. even calls the heated vests “a golfer's DREAM.”

It takes a dedicated person to brave the cold to play a round of golf. Cheryl M., for example, wore her classic heated vest golfing when it was 45 degrees F outside! After all, here at ORORO, we love to challenge the climate, and that’s exactly what she did! We’re all about empowering people to do what they love despite the cold, and golfing is one of those things.

The Perfect Swing

While heated vests are perfect for early morning golfers, they are worn by golf enthusiasts on the course whatever the time (or weather) may be. It can be difficult to find a non-restricting outfit to wear golfing, which is why Steve C. chose the classic heated vest for himself to go golfing in: “We play golf when it is in the mid 40's here in Tennessee and sometimes look like the Michelin Man and have difficulty swinging the golf club. The ORORO Vest makes it much easier to stay warm and also to swing freely. I couldn't believe how comfortable it would be— love it!” Comfortable and non-restricting? Sounds like a hole in one!

Kevin M. bought a women’s classic heated vest for his wife so she could go golfing despite the cold, and he was worried about whether or not she would be able to swing the club. But, thanks to ORORO’s quality design, he reports that “ORORO makes it much easier to stay comfortable.” No more ripping jackets after a swing, no more shivering on the putting green, only smooth strokes and straight shots!

Staying Warm on the Course

With three heat settings, how could anyone be cold on the course while wearing an ORORO heated vest? The answer—they can’t! Kristin E. writes, “I’m always cold, so this vest is awesome. It’s great for golfing, the fit is slim and doesn’t restrict movement. 3 heat settings are convenient, and I often wear a coat over mine. It washes well—highly recommend this product.” Even though the vest keeps you toasty, you can always layer for extra warmth and you can avoid bulkiness with the slim fit design.

For Shawn P., wearing a heated vest is fairly “par for the course” now. He’s had the vest “for over a year and absolutely LOVES IT! All of my golfing buddies want one. On a scale of 1-10, these products are a 50! Thank you ORORO!” Not only is Shawn warm on the course, he’s also the envy of the course!

So there you have it, a bunch of happy campers (or are they happy golfers?) that are staying warm and flexible out on the fairways. Will you take your next swing wearing an ORORO vest? We’d love to find out! Our amazing ambassadors like Maddie share their photos with us on Instagram all the time, and we’d love to see some of yours. Stay toasty and swing straight!

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