7 Occasions You Could Use a Heated Cushion

ORORO doesn’t just specialize in wearable heated technology — the Heated Seat Cushion is the perfect accessory for on demand heat so you can stay warm all day.

The cushion offers luxury comfort thanks to memory foam that contours to your body, giving you firm support where you need it. With six heating panels that evenly distribute throughout the cushion, staying warm all day is easy.

Here are seven opportunities you can use the Heated Seat Cushion:

In a Cold Office

The more comfortable you are, the more efficient you are. Increase your comfort level and productivity with a heated cushion. This easy-to-carry, foldable seat cushion won’t be a hassle to bring in and out of the office, so you can choose to keep it there or take it home.

While Driving or Traveling

Whether by car, plane or train — never travel without your heated cushion in tow. The compact cushion is easy to pack and effortlessly fits in your backpack or carry-on-luggage (it’s TSA-approved).  It’s also lightweight, easy to store, and has a battery pocket with velcro closure to keep everything together. No heated seat in your car? No problem. Just plug our heated seat cushion into the USB port of your car and enjoy a comfort drive!

Outdoor Sporting Events

For pre-game tailgating and during the game as you cheer on your favorite team, the heated cushion is just the thing to keep you comfortable and warm so you don’t have to miss out on games because of low temperatures. The cushion is slip-resistant, so it will stay in place on the bleachers or stadium seats. Cheering on your team while staying warm — it’s a win-win.

Going Camping

The fire isn’t the only thing that can keep you warm on a chilly night while camping. Pack the heated cushion, a perfect companion for your camping chairs, for your next trip to add some extra comfort while you’re “roughing it.” No outlets no problem? The cushion comes with a USB plug that’s compatible with car chargers and power banks so you can keep the heat coming during the whole trip.

During a Hospital Stay or Visit

For planned hospital visits like routine surgery or giving birth, you want to be as comfortable as possible so make sure you bring your cushion along. Hospitals are notoriously chilly, the heated cushion can add some comfort to your stay which can help with the recovery process. 

Brunch Outdoors or Relaxing on the Porch

Any season can be patio season with a heated cushion — you don’t have to wait until spring/summer to spend time outside. Bring the heated cushion along to relax and enjoy nature while you sip your beverage of choice and enjoy a good meal.

While Hunting

Stay extra warm while waiting on the perfect moment. You can enjoy up to 11 hours of heat (5.5 on high, 9.5 on medium, 11 hours on low) thanks to the long-lasting UL-certified battery. Pro-tip: ORORO has heated wear specifically designed for hunters.

Whatever the occasion is, make sure you stay toasty with the heated cushion (comes in two colors: Gray and Black) and check out other heated options. Show us how you stay warm, share and tag @ororo.wear on Instagram for a chance to be featured by us.

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