5 Reasons You Need Our Heated Jacket This Winter

ORORO Heated Jacket

Winter coats are bulky and ungainly but they get the job done. But what if they could do MORE than just keep you somewhat warm? Our newest addition to the ORORO heated apparel lineup is our smoothly designed Heated Padded Jacket. Here’s why you need this immediately…


It’s made with this amazing, award-winning SMAWARM  insulation that guarantees you’re not losing any heat while you’re out and about. This insulation is adapted to the climate and retains heat even when wet, anti-static even during lowered humidity, plus anti-odor AND anti-bacterial. We just had to have it in our newest Jacket. There are 3 main heating elements that work together to make sure your entire body stays warm, including your hands when they’re in the pockets! This jacket is padded but NOT bulky, unlike most winter jackets. The power button is now on the inside of the jacket because we wanted a more streamlined, cleaner look for your many, many adventures. One touch of that button and you’re staying warm for the designated time. PLUS, you can charge your electronic devices with your jacket’s battery too.

    ORORO Heated Jacket


    Your next adventure? The sky’s the limit! With a Padded Heated Jacket like this, there are no limitations on where you can go or what you can do even when it's freezing cold outside. Normally you probably wouldn’t go camping when all the leaves start falling from the trees but with this jacket? Those limitations are GONE. Go for a joyride on your bike in 40-degree weather, take an extended walk with your pup, throw a bonfire party in the dead of winter, your options are open now!



      Rain is definitely not a problem anymore with this jacket. We worked super hard to make sure this jacket had everything necessary to keep you warm, dry and comfortable WITHOUT adding unnecessary bulk. There’s a detachable hood that covers your whole head from your chin to the top of your head. But even more importantly, the entire jacket is covered in Durable Water repellent providing an all-over protection from the worst nature has to offer.


      Eliminate needing to get a new winter coat every couple of years. Would you really need another winter coat if you have the ORORO Padded Heated Jacket? Probably not. We’ve already stated it has everything you need but it will also save you money in the long run! All you need is one heated jacket to replace the 3-4 jackets or coats you have hanging in your closet that you’re never 100% satisfied with. And then you’ll never need to buy another basic, non-heated jacket again!


      It makes the BEST gift! Even if you can’t use it for yourself or even if you already have one, why not bring a smile to someone else’s face this winter with this as a present? It comes with a battery and charger as well so you can pick up a second battery while you’re at it (for yourself, of course.) Matter of fact, get everyone in your life one of these jackets, they will THANK you for it!



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