Keeping Warm on All Adventures No Matter the Weather

Cory Kerr

“Putting a heated vest underneath my leather jacket extended my riding season. I try not to let the weather dictate what I do.”

Cory Kerr has been using ORORO heated clothing to keep warm on his adventures since 2020. Whether he’s riding his motorcycle in cold weather or kayaking down a river, he’s always cozy with his heated apparel.

wear heated clothing on adventures

Cory typically travels 2-3 times a year but mostly likes to stay local. “Some of them are more local because I'm right next to Yellowstone, so just in the last couple of months, I went to Lava Hot Springs and Yellowstone, then we did a trip to the central coast of California, and then to Banff.”

Before his accident, Cory would ride his motorcycle no matter how cold the weather got, never letting the freezing temperatures dictate his actions. “Putting a heated vest underneath my leather jacket extended my riding season. I try not to let the weather dictate what I do.”

wear heated clothes on kayak

The most important thing to Cory about his exploring is experiencing it with the right people, no matter where he goes. “I'm more about relationships and people. I'm all about seeing family and friends rather than specific locations,” he explained. “I have eight kayaks and I'll take groups of people kayaking and we'll drive an hour or two to go to a more attractive place.”

One of the advantages of living where he does is that if he drives an hour away, he’s “right on the edge of Yellowstone.” In addition to the river, there’s beautiful greenery, roaming elk, and plenty of areas to wander around.

wear heated clothes in adventure

Gathering a good group of people is the most important to him when he experiences his adventures. “I have more kayaks than I have people in my home because I like to do group things.” There’s never a dull moment when traveling with Cory and we’re sure his family and friends would agree.

Along with being an explorer that challenges the climate, Cory is also an illustrator and teacher. “I'm an illustrator and an animator, so most of the time I’m in my studio. I love your socks because the winters up here start early and go late.” Instead of cranking up the heat in the house, he likes to throw on a pair of ORORO heated socks.

Ororo heated socks

“I can throw on your socks and tap the button on and off every once in a while. Any time I need a little boost of heat. I probably use the hoodie or the vest or the socks a little bit more frequently in that type of environment to bring heat with me rather than heat my entire five-bedroom house,” Cory explained.

Inside or outside the house, Cory’s got a plan to stay warm no matter what. He never lets the cold dictate what he does or how he works.

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