5 Reasons Why You Need Heated Socks

Socks are not the first thing in the wardrobe we think of; however, they are an important part of our daily wear. We make our heated socks useful all-year-round so they provide warmth, breathability, and hygiene that keep your feet comfortable all day long. 

Relief from constantly cold feet

No matter how many layers you put on, you tend to feel cold to the point of numbness in your hands and feet. When the temperature drops, blood vessels in the limbs (like your hands and feet) will contract, reducing the blood flow to these areas, causing the core body to lose heat. Your extremities feel cold to the touch, which is overall very uncomfortable. This is a common symptom for many people, and the symptoms even get worse if you are with Raynaud’s disease

ORORO’s heated socks are made to relieve you from cold feet. With built-in heating elements on the sole of your foot, you can feel the warmth spreading all over your toes. With a knee-high design, the socks securely wrap your calves and extend the warmth to maximize the thermal performance. 

ororo heated socks

“Best (heated) socks on the market! I have tried many brands of heated apparel and have always been disappointed. ORORO has nailed it! As a person with Raynaud's and having to work outside for long hours in MN (Minnesota) - These socks fit the bill. The socks fit true-to-size no bulk or bunching. They stay in place all day. The batteries are light and in a position that does not interfere with wearing. I have worn them all day and my feet are comfortable. The batteries truly last up to 10 hours. Easy to adjust the temperature. Hands down the best product on the market!” 

- Verified Buyer  Jodi J.

 More time to enjoy the great outdoors

There are plenty of times when you’d like to go fishing on a frosty day, hiking in the mountains, or go hunting in the forest on the coldest days of the year. In the past, your regular uniform would include multiple pairs of socks to keep your feet from freezing completely off. But layers upon layers aren’t comfortable and they inhibit mobility! This completely changes when you have our heated socks, which heat up in seconds and last for up to 10 hours. Just go outside with a pair of these on your feet without worrying about cold toes!

winter socks

“First time I've said I can't wait for cold-weather hunting! I've used battery-powered, warming insoles for a couple years to help with cold, Wisconsin hunting conditions. They were always ‘ok’ but I hoped for something better. I typically use 2-4 chemical foot warmers per day beyond the insoles, but my feet are still cold by day's end. After my very positive experience with an ORORO [heated] vest last season, I thought I'd give the socks a try when they came out. These are sooo much better than insoles or chemical heaters! They warm up almost instantly and I really do not think you'd need the medium setting, much less high to keep your feet warm. I'm hopeful they truly last 10 hrs on low and then I'll have toasty feet all day!”

 - Verified Buyer  DJ. Curran

Ultra-soft and breathable 

The heated socks are made with tri-blend construction by combining cotton, polyester, and spandex to maximize the softness and enhance the warmth retention. A high-performance fabric, COOLMAX, is blended in to improve the wicking performance. The socks are elastic with an excellent fit that secures the socks to your calves, but not too tight that put pressure on your feet. If you’re going to spend most of your day in a pair of socks, why not it the most comfortable experience possible? 

soft fabric

Perfect gift for family and friends

Why not upgrade the usual, tired Christmas socks gift? Consider a pair of heated socks as the family gifts for next Christmas! Even Santa would love a pair of these heated socks if we’re being honest! Heated Socks are the best gifts for any member of the family. No need for warming those feet by the fireplace while they relax, our heated socks will have them covered. Whether it’s a gift for Grandma who gets chilly baking cookies or or a gift for your unruly nieces and nephews having a snow war outside, it’s truly the perfect present. 

socks package

Easy to wear, easy to wash

Heated Socks are easy to use. Put on the socks, find the cable inside the battery pocket and plug in the battery. Place the battery inside the pocket and it’s ready to power on. The battery is neatly made so you can barely feel it while you’re wearing the socks. After using them for a day, you may need to wash the socks. They’re machine-washable so you don’t need to go through a whole ordeal just to wash them. Just make sure you remove the batteries from the pocket on the socks before washing! Place the connector back into the pocket, and put the socks in a laundry mesh bag. Use a gentle cycle to wash and then line or air dry them.

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