3 Essentials for Your Next Tailgate



If there’s anything we love more than football tailgates it’s-- well, there isn’t anything better than football tailgates. All of your friends get together to cheer on your favorite team, there are burgers on the grill and trays of delicious tailgate snacks, and coolers full of everyone’s favorite cold beverages, alcohol or otherwise. 

As we get closer to the end of the season, however, one thing starts to change: it can get darn cold out during the game, especially if your team is playing at night. Sometimes, your team might even be playing in the snow! With that in mind, we’ve prepared a list of the top 3 essentials you need for your next late-season tailgate. Read on below.


1. A warm jacket (with electric heating)

Imagine this: you want to be warm while tailgating, but you don’t want to wear tons of layers. After all, how can you play tailgating games when wearing 3 layers under your puffy winter coat? You might be standing out in the cold for hours before the game starts, and the only thing worse than your team losing is being cold and miserable while your team is losing. 


Heated Jacket


The easy answer is with an ORORO heated jacket! Our jackets look similar to the waterproof jackets you will see tons of people around you are wearing, but with one huge difference: our jackets come with built-in heating panels to keep you warm without all the bulk of traditional jackets. The heating elements can last up to 10 hours using the included rechargeable battery so you can stay warm no matter how long overtimes last. 


2. Hand warmer

There is nothing worse than having cold hands. Even if your phone does have a full charge, it doesn’t matter if your hands are so cold that you can’t even work your phone without pecking at your screen one finger at a time! 


Heated Gloves


Those little disposable heating packets are decent, but you have to walk around with your hands in your pocket all day, unable to enjoy all the snacks and beverages your tailgate has to offer. Good news for you: ORORO offers heated gloves and mittens that are smartphone compatible and allow you to hold cold beverages without worrying about getting frostbite on your fingers! 


3. Power bank

You may not have known, but when it is cold outside battery performance can be dramatically decreased on your cell phone. Instead of 14 different people fighting over the single 12V outlet in the car, it’s much more convenient to carry a spare power bank with you. 

ORORO Power Bank


Thankfully, all ORORO batteries have a USB port to allow you to charge your phone. You can even use the battery as a power bank WHILE you are using the jacket to stay warm. Talk about a win-win situation! 

Good luck to all of your favorite teams the rest of this season, and happy tailgating!  


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